bioSPY is a brief description of our research on biological motion. Together with my students and colleagues I try to find general rules which govern motion of animals, groups of animals, or even populations. We do all our research as non-invasive as possible. Most of the work rely on image data which is somehow crunched using computer vision methods. The resulting position/trajectory data is analysed using statistical physics methods and self-propelled particle modelling is used to understand the underlying rules. The topic of our work is reflected in the groups composition. Mainly physicists, supported by biologists and computer scientists.

We work with whales and seabirds in the southern ocean and Antarctica. This takes us to very remote places of this world. I try to share some pictures and adventures in the expeditions section.

I hope you find this website somehow informative and entertaining. For further information or questions about our projects feel free to contact me:

Dr. Daniel P. Zitterbart
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
fon: +1 508 289 3613
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